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「TenTen Guesthouse in Tokyo」

'Enjoy your live and travel.'
「TenTen Guesthouse in Tokyo」
We are a running a cheap guesthouse in Tokyo.



TenTen Guesthouse in Tokyo
TenTen Guesthouse in Tokyoはこちらから↓









life in japan is totally different

hi everyone!!

writing the blog really after a long time...The life has totally changed out here in Japan..It really makes u different person...The life of Japan is really very busy..If i was in my country i even cant even imagine that one can be this busy out here as i am so now..Have time for nothing..Just go to school and then work and if u hav time sleep for a while and same routine repeats every day every week and months..But have to be used to with this kind of life and search time for yourself and enjoy in what you do..:)


Johnny`s Jr ☆

みなさんこんにちは 最近とっても寒いですね~
Hi,everyone.Itis soo cold day now..

Recently,new guest came from French.

She likes ※Johnny`s Jr,J-pops.Cheerful girl!
※Johnny`s Jr: Japanese popular idol group,
it is composed of cool&cute boys.

She loves Mr.Ninomiya who is member of Arashi.two_a543_1920x1080_convert_20121213195727.jpg

嵐 コンサート情報http://www.johnnys-net.jp/page?id=consta&artist=10#98
Arashi is holding a concert now in the whole country.

In most cases,French people want to get animated cartoon,
go to live of visual kei bands.
But,she is not which!!

I`m looking forward to go to karaoke with her XD!!


I recommend women for women only domitory, the fourth floor of our guesthouse.
You should reserve early,because it is popular.m(__)m

We meet only to part.

こんにちは(^_^)ノ お久しぶりです!
Hello,everyone. Long time no see!

Today,2 frrends graduated our guesthouse.

They came to Japan last year,are studying Japanese.

They are the Nepali who I met first.

Many things effected us,foe example,
bonds of their family,so charming smile, repertory of curry…

Our vision expanded them in every case.

We hope their action!!


Lots of work!!!

Hi everyone!!

This week i have been very busy...and still 3 more days left for the week to come to the end...ahhhh tired.. Really eeally tired... Really need lots of rest ...hope i will not be that busy next week..

Ashish :)

Busy days

Ho everyone!!!

Writing the blog after a long gap.. These days i am busy very much so couldnt write the blog..school and work has made me a busy guy.. Sometimes its feels bad about being that busy giving no time to urself.. But its life and u have to do it and i have to and will..

Ashish :)

Again festival time at nepal and sad me!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

From today another big festival tihar starts.. Its called the festival of lights... Every where we can see the twinkling lights, we can hear the sound of fire cracker.. It just feels gud to hear all this :)
Missin my home now!!!

Lovely saturday

Gudmirning everybody..

Today is saturday.. A very good morning with a great weather..:) today i hav no work at day.. So kind of free so feeling good... Hope to hav a great day tooo :)


Movie time!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today i had off in my work so we watched movie in my room.. It was fun watchin movie after ao long time :)...refresment is needed in a while :)

Ashish :)

Movie time!!!

Slept for hours but sleepy yet!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today i slept for hours but still i am feeling sleepy but i have to wake up as i need to go to work...but no worries i have holiday tomorrow so i can sleep tomorow again :)

Ashish ;)

Slept for hours but yet sleepy!!

Mastutobi fest!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Yesterday we volunteered in the festival call mastutobi fest where on a long sheet of paper everyone draws freely watever one wishes to draw.. It was damn good festival and very inteesting.. I am glad that i particiapted in that fest as a volunteer.. It was a nice experince :) hoping to participate in next year event too !!!

Ashish :)

As usual thursday!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Today was a normal day .. Went to school and today i gave speech about animal sacrifice during festival in nepal.. I feel that animal sacrifice during the festival must be stop.. Though its a festival but their life is also important!!!

Ashish :)

Communication skill

Gud evening everyone!!!!

This past week in my class we are studying about communication skill.. Communication skill is very much important in present days.. Where ever we go we come through lots of people and it depends upon our communication skill how we interact with them n our impression towards them also depends on it....so its really important to improve it :)

Ashish :)

Discussion program at nozomi san college

Hi everyone!!

Today we went to nozomi san's college and attended a discussion class... We participated in discussion program and exchange our view related to our life in japan and also gained some knowledge about carreer designing from them.. It was a nice experience after all.. Thabk u nozomi san :)

Ashish :)

Interview practice at school !!

Hi everyone!!!

Today at school we had interview practice for college admission.. It was tough than we thought... The scenario was same like the real one so we felt very nervous but though it was our first time it was good to some extent :)

Ashish :)

Doing homework at last moment !!!

Hi everyone!!!

Just back from the work!!!!! Tomorrow i have school and i havent done my homework.. So i am doing it now..my homeworks are piled up.. I have to finish it any how ...:(

Ashish :)

Damn tired and still long way to go!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Its saturday and the busiest day in japan's restaurant!!!working from the moring i was damn too busy and i am really tired now.. But i have another work again.. So long way to go.. But i have to do it and i will..:)

Ashish :)

Once again its friday!!

Hi everyone.!!!

How have you all been..?? Today is friday again.. A very good day for lots of people as they have no work tomorrow so they njoy it as good friday.. But as friday comes along with it comes lots of work.. So i am the busiest guy on weekend.. So i dnt lik fiday :(

Ashish :)

Dasain party wz awsome!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Yesterday we had a party " Dasain Party" in our guest house.. I had lots of fun.. Though we were far from our families we celebrated the festival with lots of joy and passion!!!!

Ashish :)

Planning for tomorrow!!

Gud afternoon everybody!!!!

Tomorrow we are planning a party in our guest house... As tomorrow we have a big festival in our country tomorrow we all are celebrating it out here.. Hop it goes well!!!'

ashish :)

Happy today!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today i am very happy....i received the prize today as my essay was selected as the best among others in essay compition.. It was great honour to receive the prize from my teacher,. Thanks to everyone :)

Ashish :)

Need to sleep but cant!!!

Hey everyone!!! Gud afternoon...

I am in bed ..,. I really need to sleep but my eyes jus awaked.,, dnt knw why.???? I have work again.. So if didnt sleep now it will be very hard for me.. So any how i hav too sleep..so gudnite guyz :)

Ashish :)

Busy saturday

Gud afternoon !!!

Writing the blog from the work....very busy at work.. Already tired and still there is lots of time to work.. Oh no :(

Ashish :)

Oh no its friday!!

Gud evening everyone?!!!!

Today is friday.. Every day say thank god its friday but i say oh no its friday.. I hav too much work on friday and saturday so its really tiresome..thats why i say oh no its friday :(

Ashish :)

Festival and sad me

Hi everyone!!!

Next we the biggest festival of nepal begins.. We celebrate it with lots of joy... All the school and offices are closed.. All the fammily members gather together eat,drink,play cards and enjoy the festival relaxing,.i will be missin it all.. So i am very sad :(

Ashish :)