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two person frens came to japan

two nepalese person like as frens came to japan i m happy to met them here and got nepalese frens too.i m missing nepal so badly that i cant explain when i met them.i feel very goood meeting them at kowloon.but they make me remembered of nepal what i used to do at nepal.

Chinese Sweets☆






first time party at kowloon i.e. nabe party

when i heard that in kowloon that nabe party going to do i didnt know what is nabe party and what types of food is include in nabe party and in the mid time of party i knw suddenly that nabe party is like that vegetables and meats puttint at nabe and eat with susus name sou.in that party i enjoyed and also party is good and food is so delicious too first time i ate that types of food in kowloon.

glad to live with kind and helpful person in kowloon guesthouse

i m glad to live with kind and helpful japanese frens.i always got helps on my problems with these persons.to settlein japan it is very difficult if i didnt got such helpful stepd from jspsnese frens nth cant b done through.i cant think how to continue life at japan without help of japanes frens.i cant imagine life in japan without help from japanese frens.so from all frens of kowloon supports and help me in every steps in lifestyle,so i m glad and lucky to live at kowloon.

part 2 same title

after i understand how to use train then another problem is come ahead that is train ticket is very expensive then i thought to buy bicycle but i got bicycle from hide san and also got help by bringing me to the way of school by hide san.nowadays i m going to school by bicycle.

time spent on guesthouse with kind and helpfull japanese frens

     after i came to japan i dont no what to do then suddenly igot kind and hearlty good japanese frens who help me in everytime when i need help.first time i cant go to japaneseschool by train so they help me by writing maps and how to use trains eventhough im lost at train and at sinjuku where my schoolis.and all teachers are worried because i didnt reached at fixed time.theni got help from my frens of guesthouse to go to school together he was yoshida who help me to go to school with him together
to b continue..........

3/3 Hina-Matsuri, the Doll's Festival for girls!!

福島でボランティアをするために、世界各国からやってきた女子たち が、

The pious girls who are from America,Canada,Hawaii etc ,stayed our guesthouse for one month.
They volunteered at Fukushima!!

I teached them about Hinamatsuri,the Dolls festival for girls.


I used this website.

All About ウェブサイト

神楽坂のふくねこ堂さん が、ご好意で珍しい土人形のおひなさまを貸してくださいました
The Fukuneko-do which sells a kimono, rend us rare Hinamatsuri dolls!!


They were very glad, so I was very happy

The Memory with guests

Kowloon ブログを呼んでくださっている皆様へ

I`m Nozomi who is doing housekeeping^^*

Many guests visited this place all the time from last year to this year.
Their country and their purpose were various.

I would like to meet them again!!

On June
With French people


On July
Let`s eat Japanese food!!(They ate NABE)


On August
With French , Slovakia , Ausutralia & Japanese girls


On October
The Romania man who lovesJapanese culture and a plant


On January
The pious girls who participated in the volunteer in Fukushima


I hope you who read this blog want to come to our guesthouse☆