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the golden week

golden week starts but what to do at golden week no idea what shall i do is good and best for me u had no any ideas i m plaaning to go to see sea but my heart and brain is saying me dont go anywhere.so i m confused and completely lost on myself give me some ideas oh god help me...

same schedule everyday

i m tired being what u want to be feeling so faithless under the pressure dont know what i should do in future lost into urself.sometimes i feel i m not in the earth i think i m at that place where is no any peoples existence.so i feel so lonely at that moment of my thinking.untill in the earth no one is borned to understand me better even i too cant understanding me by myself....






today is today no any yesterday and no any tomorrow

today im not getting myself good.i m feeling very bad to myself u know why i too dont know

the days are not as a days

these days the days are not like real days i feels its all the dream i m seeing day by days.when will comes thats the really a days of life.life is very struggle even though i m not give up to take me out.a poeter poet the poem like as a person also poeting the life in poetric way.

breaking news

kowloon guest house will be broken after some month its very sad to know that is it true or not.i wish its not true because kowloon guest house is best guest house in tokyo.it is best because of the kowloons member or guests who they are very kind to all foreigner people who comes to live at kowloon.the bests good things of kowloons japanese member is that they all are kid to all.so i dont wana leave kowlooonnnnnnn.kowloon a best of best.......

sleepy day

today i m very sleepy i dont know what happen to me i cant stop my sleepness today in school also ibecome sleepy so i cant attention in a class room and i dont know what i read today i didnt get it all.so how can b a solution of decreasing sleepness?????

kowloon as a family

kowloon as a family becoz all members of kowloon helps and share their foods each other and eat together.and all japanese frens teach us about japan and help in doing homeworks and unknown things of japanese cultures and tradition and also festivals and their importance.they also helps us on part time job by giving job magazines etc.never hesitates to help us in every problems.so all kowloon members specially japanese are helpful and kind hearted...

little bore little enjoyable

when i think of my life with deeply at the time of alone then i feel so bore and sad and when i talk to nepali frens and go to school together then i feel not alone feel enjoyed.somwtimes i fell i csnt do nothing at my future life sometimes i feel i have to do something special in future life these thoughts begins at japan i dont know where it ends.but i wana ends these various thoughts in better way.thats my mission first and last....

no any special

just went to school and study as usual and come back with frens by cycle no any special moment didnt happen today and after we reached home we ate some foods and then after i slept that much is today

foot walk at akihabara

by returning from job i ate dinner after we four frens went to akihabara by foot walk its very pleasant and enjoyed but got very tired i hadnt been akihabara by foot walk i used to go from cycle but by walk its become very tired.arjun make us very laugh on the way of akihabara so we didnt feel bored .tired day to akihabara.

working school working life is not interesting

working and going school is not enjoyable and interesting life that i think so but to do what can make me enjoyed and interesting life.life means a nature gift but i dont know how to save and move its resources.in life there is many resources but i dont know where is the best resources that make me enjoy and interest.??????

missing nepali new year 2069

i missed nepali new year very much bcoz in that time when i m at nepali i used to celebrate new years with frens drinking wines eating nepali of newari foods like choila kachila chicken bara etc.so i missed it very much at japan.three nepali frens celebrate new years with drinking beer but not pleasant and enjoyable as in nepal that we used to cause here is not that nature and freedoms of making noise as in nepal we used to after drinking wine....

feeling very hot today

today i feel very hot these days the become changing day by day today i feel very hot coz today is good weather but sunlight is very hard so.one another cause of feeling hot is bicycle riding cycle at these days is very hot so these days i feels very hot coz of changing weather from cold to hot slowly.i heard at summer in japan about 35 degree temperature in a day its so hot hearing when faced what will happen?

school day

today we three frens went to school by cycle at 8:15am we reach at school at 8:50am and study then after i went to help indian fren ashish for alien card at shinjuku ward office it tooks nuch time i was so hungry today becoz i hadnt take dinner only i had took breakfast and also very tired day and hungry day today is.it is going very difficult eventhough i m not deafeated from these challege i m taking these challenge and going forwards fighting these challenges.

ohanami from school

from school all students including twoe teachers went to ohanami it was enjoyed but little bit bored cause nobody didnt use to dance at ohanami by playing music or by singing someone else or all together if alluse to dance and sing at ohanami it will b more interesting and enjoyable at ohanami.but it mustnt say that yesterday it was enjoyable.

study khanji start

from todya i m starting khanji practise if i memorised enough as i need to to use then i can do something new which i have to disolved.at the time of homework i cant done all homework by myself its all ofcoz of my khanji problem if i read and write khanji properly then it cant stop to do homework by oneself without helping of japanese frens so from today i m starting khanji practise......

life in japan is complicated

life in japan is so complicated is not so as we used to thought that when we got busy in job it dont make us tired but actually is not so.i m missing nepal so badly that i cant explain how much i so i dont wana waste my time explaining it.from tomorrow class is starting but i dont wana go to the class its funny na hehhehehe

ohanami a japanese festival

ohanami a japanese festival in which all japanese went in the park where a trees of sakura sakura is a nice and beautiful flower it was very pleasant at ohanami where all kowloonguesthouse s fren went to park and beer and wine drunk and eat various foods.but i reached at ohanami late so i didnt get more time to enjoy and entertain if i got time then i m thinking to dance and sing a songs but i reached late so i enjoyed little bit only.

life in japan

three frens making foods and eating together and they r so active but i m so passive coz i dont wana go outside the only behind this lazyness is that i dont have any galfren hehehe just joke.these days i m feeling so tired so idont wana do anything .tommorrow i should go to school for fren i bring them to school for orientation class.so i have to get up early at 10 am hehheheheheh.

spending holidays haru yasumi with nepalese frens

these days i m speaking nepali language more than the japanese language i think becoz two nepali frens came to japan and live in same guest house name is kowloon guest house.i had been long time not getting chance to speak nepali language so i m speaking nepali language more than japanese.we three frens are making food by all together and eating meal together like brothers or like a family.i m missing my close nepali frens ashis and arjun who came in japan as close frens for me.they fulfilled my loneliness of nepali frens and remembered me that of nepalis frens.

The Film director who loves tea time

Kowloon リピーターのSカントク。







i m very tired today means sunday

today i m very tired i dont believe on myself and i thought why persons or humans are tired.if human has much power as in a robot.first time 8.30 hrs worked at japan in a day.but i wana do a work 10 hrs q day.