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school day

today we three frens went to school by cycle at 8:15am we reach at school at 8:50am and study then after i went to help indian fren ashish for alien card at shinjuku ward office it tooks nuch time i was so hungry today becoz i hadnt take dinner only i had took breakfast and also very tired day and hungry day today is.it is going very difficult eventhough i m not deafeated from these challege i m taking these challenge and going forwards fighting these challenges.

ohanami from school

from school all students including twoe teachers went to ohanami it was enjoyed but little bit bored cause nobody didnt use to dance at ohanami by playing music or by singing someone else or all together if alluse to dance and sing at ohanami it will b more interesting and enjoyable at ohanami.but it mustnt say that yesterday it was enjoyable.