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Lots of work!!!

Hi everyone!!

This week i have been very busy...and still 3 more days left for the week to come to the end...ahhhh tired.. Really eeally tired... Really need lots of rest ...hope i will not be that busy next week..

Ashish :)

Busy days

Ho everyone!!!

Writing the blog after a long gap.. These days i am busy very much so couldnt write the blog..school and work has made me a busy guy.. Sometimes its feels bad about being that busy giving no time to urself.. But its life and u have to do it and i have to and will..

Ashish :)

Again festival time at nepal and sad me!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

From today another big festival tihar starts.. Its called the festival of lights... Every where we can see the twinkling lights, we can hear the sound of fire cracker.. It just feels gud to hear all this :)
Missin my home now!!!

Lovely saturday

Gudmirning everybody..

Today is saturday.. A very good morning with a great weather..:) today i hav no work at day.. So kind of free so feeling good... Hope to hav a great day tooo :)


Movie time!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today i had off in my work so we watched movie in my room.. It was fun watchin movie after ao long time :)...refresment is needed in a while :)

Ashish :)

Movie time!!!

Slept for hours but sleepy yet!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today i slept for hours but still i am feeling sleepy but i have to wake up as i need to go to work...but no worries i have holiday tomorrow so i can sleep tomorow again :)

Ashish ;)

Slept for hours but yet sleepy!!

Mastutobi fest!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Yesterday we volunteered in the festival call mastutobi fest where on a long sheet of paper everyone draws freely watever one wishes to draw.. It was damn good festival and very inteesting.. I am glad that i particiapted in that fest as a volunteer.. It was a nice experince :) hoping to participate in next year event too !!!

Ashish :)

As usual thursday!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Today was a normal day .. Went to school and today i gave speech about animal sacrifice during festival in nepal.. I feel that animal sacrifice during the festival must be stop.. Though its a festival but their life is also important!!!

Ashish :)