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Weekends over :(

Hi everyone!!

The weekends( sat, sun and monday) , the three day holidays is over..now back to school from tomorrow ......As the semester end is getting nearer the semester end test is also getting closer so need to study now,.

Ashish :)

Different feeling at work !!

Hi everyone!!!!

Today at my work a new guy joined the work... And i was selected to teach him the work in his first day... Teaching him i was pushed back to my first day ... New place new people..its really akward to work at the new place..i too passes that stage and its his turn..hope he'll get used to wit the work and with us too..

Ashish :)

Tiredsome day !!!

Hi everyone!!!

Really very tired... Just got back to the room.. Was very hungry but frens hasnt cooked the dinner... :(....this is life out
Here... Neva mind。again li have a long day of work tomorrow.. Gudnit for now..

Ashish :)


Busy saturday!!

Gud morning everyone!!!!

Just woke up... But getting late for work...Going for work now..stilling feeling sleepy but i have to go..coz i have choosen this way and i have no other option..

Ashish :)

Gud experience of Debate!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today at school we had a debate compitition as a class activity.. It was a gud experience.. It was the first time i
Participated in the debate compitition.. Learned a lots of thing.. And doing debate in japanese langauge was hard as
Well as it was fun..hope to particiapte in such event again and again :)

Ashish :)

Cool weather is getting back

Gud afternoon everyone!!

These days its getting cooler.. The weather is getting cooler.. Its not that hot as it used to be before..so feeling good.. Can sleep well at night these days too, thats the best part i guess :)

Ashish :)


Hi everyone..
Good afternoon

Today at my class we had a final rehersal for our debate compitition.. It was gud n waiting for the final debate day.. Hope it will go well.. The topic of the debate is " Sending primary or secondary level student for foreign studies"....i am im oppose of sending the student abroad at this age..wat do u all think ??

Ashish :)

Finally climbed Mt fuji :)

Hi everyone!!!!

Finally done with climbing Mt fuji...hip hip hurray... It was a great experience climbing and it was worth climbing .. The view of the sunrise and the clouds below u jus takes away all ur tiredness.. The feeling of reliefness u get after u reach top n see it can be expressed by words :)

Ashish :)

Fuji san!!!

Hi everyone !!!

The journey to fuji begins in half an hour.. All my bags are packed and i am ready to go.. Feeling very good..will hav fun and will be a gud experience..

Ashish :)

Fuji san and rain!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Just got back from work... Its been two days its raining.. Its good its raining as the weather is cool.. But there's a problem with this rain.. Day after tomorrow we'll be going fuji san n if it rains that day then it will be hard for us to climb.. But we have took the decision to climb it.. So no matter how the weather will be we'll be climbing Mt FUJI :)

Ashish :)


Hi everyone !!!

Good evening..
Just returning back from the trainng class of 7-11... I joined 7-11 from today so today i had a training class.. The training class was good and intresting.. Hope to get used with this work..:)

Ashish :)

Debate !!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Today it was fun at school.. As a 2nd class activity from today we started a activity called "Lets Debate".. Today was the first day of the activity so we just practice talking a topic " Necessity of credit card" .. It was fun expressing one's view and hearing opponents view..

Ashish ;)

Cool weather along with drops of rain !!!

Gud afternoon everyone!!!
Just back from the school.. Today its raining and the weather too is cool.. Due to this cool weather its was fun going to school and coming back ..

Ashish :)


Hi everyone !!!!
Finally its raining here in tokyo... Really feeling good !!!! These days the immense heat of tokyo was jus out of control...so the rain was the most awaited thing out here.. And at last the cloud brusted out pouring the rain..,The weather is very cool now.. Hope it rains for few more days like this...:)



Good morning everyone!!

Today is september 1st 2012... Hmmmm... one more month of this year this Is over....hope to have a great september... Next week finally the day of going to fuji san is coming near.. I am very excited abou that day.. Jus 6 more days and i'll be climbing fuji san.. Yeppppppyyyyyy

Ashish :)

Chinese food :)

Hi everyone!!!

Today was a wonderful day...must be a good friday i ever had.. Today after the school i went to eat chinese food with my chinese fren in ikebukuro., the food was very good and tasty.. We had loads of fun.. Coincidentely, i met my another fren in ikebukuro..he was also hanging around with his fren.. We four of met and the fun was double,. At the end it was a good day :)... Feelin gud..

Ashish :)

Newspaper article as a class activity

Gud afternoon everyone !!!!
Today at the school i and my friends wrote the news paper articles on our favourite topic..As our class activity we wrote these articles.. Now these articles are supposed to be posted soon in web so everyone will be able to read it out.. Itoo will soon post my article in this blog soon..

Ashish :)

Excited about fuji san trip !!!!

Hi everyone!!!
A very good morning to everyone... I am very excited about my trip to fuji san... Just waiting for 8th of september...I along with the other members of guest house are going to climb Mt Fuji that day... (^-^)/その日は本当に楽しみにしています。this much for today...

Ashish :)

Cooked nepali food :) 美味しかた。




Gettogether with frens!!!

Hi everyone!!

Today we had gettogether program....after months we met n had fun... Had a wonderful evening with frens...we went to have nepali food at nepalese restaurent n jus felt like we are in Nepal and eating food together with frens.. Had fun but i am tired now. so early to bed today.. Gudnite

Ashish :).

Finally its saturday!!!!!

Hi everyone !!!!
A very goood morning to all of you.. Jusy woke up... After a weeks i had a sound sleeep... Feeling gud..as today school is off and work is also from the day so got chance to sleep to the fulliest,.. Hope you all to have a very good day today.. Bye

Ashish :)

3:30 am but still awake

hi everyone!!
its 3:30 am and i am still awake doing my class activity..As i need to present it tomorrow....Feeling sleepy.:(....I am almost done with the work so gonna sleep now..so this much for today....gudnite everybody..

ashish :)

Finally one day off from my work !!!! Yeppy

Hi everyone!!!!

Just back from my work... I am tired but still feeling good thinking about tomorrow... Tomorrow after 3 weeks i am having a day off from my work.. I really needed that n i have it tomorrow.. Need to enjoy my day off tomorrow to the fulliest... Looking forward for tomorrow....

Ashish :)

Holidays are over :(

Hi everyone!!!!

Finally my busiest week is over from today.. Really tired.. Need some break..On top of that holidays are over from today... Back to school from tomorrow..:( didnt seem it was holiday for me...from tomorrow school which means lots of homework, study n nt the least test :(

Ashish :)


Hi everyone!!!
Yesterday, august 18, the day i was born..yes yesterday was my birthday..Birthday are always meant to be celebrated as it is one of the important day of your life. But yesterday i was working the whole day.. Didnt even celebrated .. I really missed my friends and family.. I always used to celebrate the birthday with my friends .. It was really fun and the day would be amazing at the end.. Hope to get back those days n wiling to make it much better :)

Ashish :)

i am back!!!

Hi everyone!!! How have you all been?? I was busy past few weeks so couldn't write the blog..There is one good news for the past guest as well the one who are living now in the guest house..The manager has as notice for all of us...Notice goes like this

To the people who live(lived) in our guest houses.
Let’s climb Mt.Fuji with us, this is our official event for the summer.
All of our guests are invited even if you left here already.

Date: 8rd~9rd of SEP
Cost: the cost price only(Bus’s ticket is 3939yen)
Closing: 16rd of this month(You have to pay for the bus even if decided to not attend after closing).

I am very excited and looking forward for this event..:)

This much for today..

Ashish :)

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